Aula Pel – Bronze

1.650 DKK


– a modern candleholder, designed and produced in Norway.

The shape of the candleholder is both organic and geometrical, contrasting the four vertical columns the candles create. This contrast is also reflected in the name of the candleholder, Pel, which means both foundation and column.

Construction, form and design are compiled by the possibilities and restrictions in the casting method, and the candleholder is produced in recycled materials. After it is casted, the surface of the candleholder is processed by hand with a special scraping technique, creating small facets in the surface, which reflects the light in a special way. Each candleholder is therefore unique. The candleholders are also numbered.

Also available in Aluminium.

Material: Bronze

Size: L 30 x D 8,5 x H 3 cm

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