Fat and the Moon Sage & Rose Face Mist

179 DKK

This gentle face mist includes rose geranium hydrosol, a gentle toner that helps revive the skin and keep pore clogging bacteria in check. Sage acts as a mild astringent and clears the air of bad vibes and jojoba oil keeps the skin supple. Rose & Sage Face Mist does not contain chemical preservatives and is best when used within 6 months of purchase.

Handmade in CA


Mist the face freely.

Use after you cleanse, before you put on your moisturizer… Aloe Lotion, All Cream or Face Oil…..to lock in the benefits of RG hydrosol.

Please use within 6 months of purchase. Store in a cool and dry place. Our products are organic and freshly made to order skin food. We do not use toxins that make things last forever.